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Exactly When Does Prime Day End, and does it even end?

The second day of Amazon Prime Day has already passed the halfway point in the United States, so time is running out if you want to get your hands on the finest discounts. Regarding how much time is left: That’s a question with a timezone-specific solution, therefore we’ll do our best to cover as many of them as feasible.

Unlike Black Friday, when discounts sometimes last throughout the weekend, Amazon Prime Day ends on Monday. With the conclusion of Prime Day 2021, the finest spotlight and lightning offers on electronics such as laptops and robot vacuums will finish immediately, with the exception of Amazon gadgets. Some businesses may continue their discounts through Wednesday, but why wait if it’s not a given?

It’s easy to understand when it comes to the UK: the end of offers days occurred at midnight BST. Sorry.

Considering that its headquarters are in Seattle, Amazon uses Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) for its American customers. As of this writing, you have less than 12 hours before Amazon Prime Day ends at midnight PDT (west coast time) on Wednesday.

When Does Prime Day End

In regards to European customers, Amazon has adjusted the Prime Day cutoff time based on local time zones. In the UK, Prime Day concluded at midnight BST on Wednesday, missing out on eight hours of shopping time for American customers. Customers in France and Germany have till midnight CEST, etc.

When Does Prime Day End

When it comes to online shopping, you seem to be an outlier in Australia. Even though it’s Wednesday morning where you are, you still have until 5 pm AEST to snag goods from the Amazon Global Store before Amazon Australia takes a stand against Amazon in the US and stops shipping to Australia.


And how long do Prime Day deals last?

Intriguing thought! We have already announced that the official expiration time for this year’s Prime Day bargains is tonight at midnight. In case it isn’t too late, you still have time to take advantage of some of Amazon’s amazing discounts, as they will be rolling out continuously until midnight.

Remember that the duration of these discounts will vary firstly according to the sort of Prime Day discount being offered and secondly according to the stock levels of the respective retailers. Prime Day discounts can be divided into two categories:

Deals of the day

These sales last for a specified amount of time or until all inventory is depleted, whichever comes first. On the product page, you’ll see a countdown timer that tells you how much time you have left to claim each offer before it expires. In truth, the best ones have been on sale for a while and are selling out fast, so you’ll want to act fast.

Lightning deals

These sales are short-lived and only available to a select number of customers. Amazon Prime members can get first dibs on these limited-time offers 30 minutes before everyone else.

Most of these offers require a Prime membership, but even if you aren’t a member, you may take advantage of them by signing up for a free 30-day trial of Prime. Amazon promises to keep rolling out new discounts throughout the duration of the sale, so there’s still time to save some money. However, many items have already sold out, so it’s best to act quickly if you see something you want.

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