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There’s nothing more pleasant than an ice-cold glass of sparkling water, or a flavored fizzy drink, straight from the fridge, yet purchasing these drinks from the grocery store is contributing to the mountain of single-use plastic we’re accumulating.
An estimated 50 billion water bottles are bought by Americans each year, which is the equivalent of 13 bottles per person per month. Many of these bottles wind up in landfills, or worse, pollute the world’s seas, lakes, and rivers, according to new data released in honor of Earth Day 2018.
This is where a SodaStream – the handy kitchen gadget that turns regular tap water into sparkling water at the push of a button – might help. First launched in 1903, SodaStream’s became popular during the 1970s and 1980s but fell out of favor as juices and smoothies got more popular, leading to a spike in the best juicers and finest blenders. The fact that they can reduce single-use plastic trash is more important than their ability to make fizzy beverages, which is why they are once again popular.

However, they’re back in popularity again, as much for the fact that they can substantially cut single-use plastic waste in this eco-conscious age as for their ability to create fizzy drinks.

Prime Day SodaStream Deals 2022

SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker – Misty Blue

The Terra is the newest addition to the SodaStream family of Sparkling Water Makers. The Terra Sparkling Water Maker is an appliance that, in a matter of seconds, transforms regular water into fresh sparkling water and is built for today’s kitchens. Featuring an all-new Quick Connect technology that makes the installation of CO2 cylinders quick and simple. The new and enhanced design offers an appealing matte finish, an updated slim profile, increased ergonomics, a carbonating bottle that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and technology called Quick Connect for the CO2 cylinder. Carbonation can be done by hand, and batteries are not necessary. One reusable carbonating container from SodaStream has the potential to prevent the consumption of thousands of one-time-use plastic bottles. Always wait until the water has fizzled before adding any flavoring.

SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker, Bundle with bubbly drops

Simply push a button to produce deliciously crisp and refreshing sparkling water, This package comes with a Jet sparkling water machine, two 60-liter cylinders of CO2, three 1-liter carbonating bottles, and two 40-milliliter kinds of fizzy drops. Eco-friendly and fueled by a cylinder of carbon dioxide Up to sixty liters of water can be carbonated by a single cylinder. Insertion of the bottle is made simple with a snap-lock design, allowing for rapid carbonation. Except for the SodaStream glass carafe, it is compatible with all of the SodaStream flavours and the SodaStream carbonation bottles (which are free of BPA and better for the environment).

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People also ask

Is it worth buying a SodaStream?

Since a typical can of soda has significantly more sugar and calories than a SodaStream syrup, cutting back on sugar and calorie intake should begin with the SodaStream syrups. If you are someone who enjoys making their own drinks and would like to cut down on the number of cases of LaCroix that you purchase each week, the SodaStream could be a wonderful alternative for you.

Is drinking SodaStream water good for you?

There is no evidence to suggest that carbonated water or water with a sparkling effect is unhealthy for you. It appears to have little effect on bone health and does not appear to be particularly damaging to oral health. It’s interesting to note that drinking something with carbonation can actually help digestion by making it easier to swallow and easing constipation.

Is SodaStream as good as Coke?

When compared to the almost 100 calories that are in a can of Coke, the SodaStream product has only 35 calories per serving, making it a more appealing option. When compared to regular soda, using a SodaStream results in approximately a two-thirds decrease in the amount of sugar that is consumed. That is wonderful, unless you find it difficult to limit yourself to such a modest portion size. In that case, it is still wonderful.



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