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There are freezers, and then there is the Hyper Chiller V2, which belongs to the latter category of freezers.

Actually, to be fair, it’s not exactly a freezer; rather, it’s an instantaneous cold beverage maker that works to work to work to substantially bring down the temperature of even blistering hot beverages in a matter of minutes to give you the ice reprieve your body so desperately needs. The most recent model of the Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker is capable of transforming freshly brewed hot coffee into its iced counterpart in less time than it takes to say “I’m so tired.” This machine was developed specifically for coffee connoisseurs who want their iced coffee immediately, want it unadulterated and undiluted, and want it all at once.

The Hyper Chiller V2 is, at its most fundamental level, an uncomplicated piece of equipment. It has a little bit of the appearance of a mini-keg, but rather than holding a malted beverage it contains a stimulant. The Hyper Chiller has a shell made of plastic on the outside, but the inside shells are made of stainless steel and swiftly cool down in order to lower the temperature of your beverage down as well. It also comes with a cap that prevents leaks, so when you pour your now-chilled coffee from the Hyper Chiller, you won’t waste any of the valuable caffeine that you’ve worked so hard to chill.

Utilizing the Hyper Chiller is also quite easy to understand. After adding water to the shells (so that it freezes), you will need to screw the various components together after they have been assembled. If you put the complete apparatus in the freezer for a number of hours, the Hyper Chiller will be able to transform hot coffee into iced coffee in just one minute. This process normally takes a couple of hours.

Hyper Chiller Prime Day 2022

Hyper Chiller V2 Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Hyper chiller makes iced coffee in one minute. Imagine saving the money you spend on morning iced coffee. The Hyper chiller provides near-instant gratification and fits your coffee-making process. Hyper chiller works with all brewing methods. The Hyper chiller’s simple patented multi-chamber design exposes your beverage to over 30 large ice cubes. Two layers of food-grade stainless steel prevent dilution during cooling. The Hyper chiller Iced Coffee Maker can cool your drink in one minute after you remove it from the freezer. It’s re-usable. Put it in the freezer after you’re done. Hyper chiller chills wine, whiskey, tea, and other drinks with zero dilution. Easy Homemade Iced Coffee. No more cold brew waits or expensive coffee shop visits. The Hyper cooler Iced Coffee Maker makes iced coffee in one minute. The Hyper chiller Iced Coffee Maker exposes hot coffee to a large surface area of ice while protecting it from dilution with two layers of food-grade stainless steel. Steps: Brew or pour into the lid, chill for 60 seconds, then enjoy.

Hyper Chiller Patented Coffee/Beverage Cooler

Instantly chill hot coffee without ice cubes! Imagine brewing hot coffee and turning it into iced coffee in 60 seconds. The Hyper Chiller’s innovative design features two ice chambers you maintain in your freezer. You can brew straight into the Hyper Chiller or pour hot coffee into a third 12.5oz chamber. Simply swirl the Hyper chiller to chill hot coffee. Hot coffee is ready in 60 seconds. Pour into a glass, add creamer or ice, and voilĂ ! You’ll save time and money. It’s quick and easy. The Hyper Chiller is compatible with most brewing methods and may brew and dispense directly into a coffeemaker. You can also chill tea, juice, wine, and spirits. Simple rinse or dishwasher clean-up is all that’s needed.

People also ask

Does the Hyper Chiller really work?

The Hyper Chiller performs more effectively than I had anticipated. Within pouring coffee at a temperature of 212 degrees into the ready unit, I found that after one minute, the temperature had dropped to 88 degrees. Although it is not quite cold enough to be considered “iced coffee” temperature, it is still cool enough to pour over ice without causing the ice to quickly melt.

Is the hyper chiller worth it?

When you consider how easy it is to use and how well it works, you’ll see that the price is more than justified. It brings our coffee down to the ideal temperature for pouring over ice, but it does not melt the ice at any point. It is simple to put together, simple to keep clean, and simple to put to use!

How do you clean a Hyper Chiller?

After usage, simply give it a quick washing under running water, and then store it in the freezer so it may be ready for the next morning’s coffee! After each usage, simply give the Hyper chiller a good rinse before placing it back in the freezer to make cleanup a breeze. It is recommended that you wash the plastic components by hand, however the stainless steel cups can be cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher.



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