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The greatest electric toothbrushes on the market right now render old-fashioned analogue brushes essentially obsolete unless you’re scrubbing the tiles in your bathroom. These effective, efficient electric tools have different oscillating brush heads for different jobs, some have in-built timer functions to make sure you’re brushing for the full two minutes, and others are linked to apps which use the brush’s onboard chipset to tell if you’ve brushed your teeth well.

In order to make sure you’re picking the best brush for your oral health in 2022, we’ve put up this complete guide.

We’ve examined a wide range of toothbrushes, from basic oscillating brushes to those that incorporate a smart aspect or an app into their design, similar to the best fitness trackers or smart scales. These allow you to track your brushing sessions and monitor your progress, and receive alerts to remind you to brush often.

Scientific studies, such as this one published by the Oral Health Group, have shown that electric brushes are more successful than traditional brushes at removing sticky plaque and preventing gum disease (opens in new tab). You can get real-time feedback on your brushing technique and pressure level from many of the electric toothbrushes reviewed here.

Best Electric Toothbrush Prime Day 2022

Oral-B Smart 1500 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B Smart 1500 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush removes 500 percent more plaque vs. a standard manual toothbrush. The clinically designed design of the Cross Action toothbrush head surrounds each tooth with bristles slanted at 16 degrees and 100 percent greater gum health vs. a standard manual toothbrush. For plaque removal, the brush uses a 3-dimensional 3D cleaning action in which it oscillates, rotates, and pulses. To avoid damaging over-brushing, a 360-degree visible pressure sensor illuminates when you brush too hard. Also included is a two-minute timer built into the handle’s quadrants, per dentist recommendation. Best of all it is supplied to you by Oral-B – the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide.

Gleem Battery Electric Toothbrush, Soft, Black

The GLEEM Power Toothbrush strikes the ideal combination between aesthetically pleasing design and effective performance. It comes with a sonic vibration motor, only one mode, and a brilliant LED power-on indication, so there is no need to compromise on either the look or the functionality. Start beaming as soon as you take it out of the box and turn it on.

People also ask

Is Oral-B or Sonicare better?

Because both the Oral-B and the Sonicare have a wide variety of useful functions, it is impossible to determine which product is superior. This indicates that it is entirely up to one’s individual preferences and the requirements of their own dental health. Both brands provide electric toothbrushes that come equipped with built-in timers, synchronized vibrations, and streamlined designs.

Do dentists prefer Oral-B or Sonicare?

The most popular brand of toothbrush that is recommended by dentists all over the world is Oral-B. Oral-B electric toothbrushes include a three-dimensional brushing movement that provides a deeper clean than Sonicare models, as demonstrated by scientific research.

Is Oral-B or Sonicare better for gingivitis?

“Over the course of eight weeks, the new O-R electric toothbrush with micro-vibrations (Oral-best b’s brushing action) provided higher reductions in plaque and gingivitis than the marketed premium sonic (Sonicare) toothbrush.”




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